Texas Live watch party for the Saints vs Eagles game. 

About Us

The Krewe


  • Jermaine "Flagboy" Devezin - Leader of the Pack 
  • Louis "Big Lou" Ford - Trumpet
  • Duane "Mudd" Nelson - Trombone
  • David "Big Swole" Johnson - Trumpet
  • Terrell "Taroo" Warren - Trombone
  • Antwan " Big Slim" Altman - Saxophone
  • Gerald "Big G" Daniels - Tuba
  • Lawrence " Ton" Colar - Bass Drum
  • Justina "Jigga" Sylvester - Cowbell/ Snare Drum
  • D'Angelo "D-Low' Tyler - Snare Drum
  • Richard "NOLA KID" Simmons - Snare Drum/ Bass Drum

Our history



Unfaded Brass Band are comprised of 10 members from New Orleans and surrounding areas that have assembled together to incorporate elements of hip-hop, jazz, soul and pop music and added the brass band framework to it. . The band has members from Mississippi, but most were born and raised in New Orleans. After being displaced by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, members of the band fled to Dallas and planted their roots within the city. In 2014, our founder, Jermaine Devezin saw the need to bring the brass band culture to the Dallas area based on the growing number of fellow New Orleanians who along with the band now call Dallas home. 

The band has performed at many events. From the streets of Deep Ellum. Klyde Warden Park to the grand ballrooms of the finest and unique hotels; from dinner cruises to Mardi Gras Balls. The band has been thoroughly enjoyed by many people. We are committed to upholding the tradition of brass bands. Whether you desire a large stage band, parade band, or small intimate band, Unfaded Brass Band can provide the awesome New Orleans atmosphere to entertain and fit any occasion. 

One unique New Orleans tradition Unfaded loves to showcase is the soulful, colorful second-line parade. Where audiences hop, skip and dance in front of, along side and behind the brass band. Waving handkerchiefs or twirling decorative umbrellas. The band can parade through functions or escort groups to restaurants, riverboats, and other destinations in this great New Orleans style. 

Another great tradition the band offer is the “Mardi Gras Indian”. The band’s founder Jermaine Devezin is also a part of the 9th Ward Black Hachette tribe. Mardi Gras Indians are well known in New Orleans, Louisiana, and many dress up for Mardi Gras in suits influenced by Native American ceremonial apparel. 

One beauty of this awesome band is that we appeal to everyone. And are true to the traditional brass bands. We perform at festivals, clubs, weddings, parades, conventions, birthday parties, crawfish boils, picnics, Mardi Gras parties, school seminars for kids and funerals…etc

Our sound


 The brass band dates back to the early nineteenth century. But our sound is deeply rooted in New Orleans. We are a  traditional brass band with a unique sound that's different from any other live band. We play from the heart and from our soul. That's were great music comes from. Deep within. 


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Unfaded Brass Band




9:00 am – 11:00 pm


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Monday - Friday: 9am - 9pm

Saturday: 9am - 10pm

Sunday: 9am - 9pm

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Services include


We offer multiple services such as:

  1. Brass Band
  2. Mardi Indian
  3. Grand Marshall to bring in the action
  4. DJ Do It All 

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Footwork Friday is back again. Come one! Come all! 

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  • Jermaine Devezin (972) 603-5334
  • Gerald Daniels (469) 544-3320

Upcoming Events


Parti at The Revelers Hall

9pm - 12am

412 N. Bishop Ave. Dallas,TX 75208

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Parti at The Revelers Hall

 Come out and see some great Art and hear some awesome music. 

9pm - 12am

412 N. Bishop Ave. Dallas,TX 75208

Footwork for Love

Live at The Freeman Cafe & Lounge

Texas Live

Saints vs Panthers watch party 

Check out this great video of us performing at the 2018 Cedar Hill BTOB. Bringing New Orleans to Cedar Hill!!! 

Wedding flow

Enjoying the lovely evening and bringing that New Orleans flavor to this awesome wedding. What a way to end the night? Congrats John & Iesha!!!

Memorial second line in Dallas

What a way to bring the New Orleans culture to Dallas? This is how we do it. #onetimefortheculture

U.B.B. and Michelle Gibson jamming with the Mayor of Dallas


Dallas Mardi Gras Ball 2018

Unfaded Brass Band and NOLA Footwork!!!! 

Mardi Gras Ball 2016

Krewe of Orleans rolling with Unfaded Brass Band. 

The Pelican House

Traditionals is where it all began. 

Mr. & Mrs Milton Wilson

Wedding reception for this awesome couple. Tina CelestineWilson and  Milton Wilson. We had a great time!!!!!

Live at Klyde Warden Park

From New Orleans to DFW, we love to share the love of music with everyone.